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History of Pioneertown


Pioneertown was born in 1946 as a movie and television set. Designed as a living, breathing, working town, actors and film crews could live here during filming. This was essential as the location, while ideal for Western Movies was located far from Hollywood. Roy Rogers, Dick Curtis, and Russell Hayden were among the original developers and investors of Pioneertown. Roy Rogers musical group "The Sons of the Pioneers"  had a recording studiio here on Mane Street. The town was actually named for this musical group. Among the many shows that were filmed here in the 40's / 50's were The Cisco Kid, Annie Oaklie, and Edgar Buchanan's Judge Roy Bean. Most recently the set was used to film a music video. Ice Cube's "I Rep That West", starring many of the towns local actors, oh and Ice Cube.......

​   The many buildings seen in Pioneertown were actual facilities to either house or entertain the film crews and actors/actresses.  Gene Autry frequently taped his show at the six-lane Pioneer Bowl bowling alley. Its construction was credited to A. E. Thompson in 1947 and Roy Rogers himself rolled out the first ball in 1949. School-age children were hired as pinsetters until the installation of automatic pinsetting equipment in the 1950s. According to the Morongo Basin Historical Society, the bowling alley is one of the oldest in continuous use in California. Next to the Bowling alley is an old tyme shooting gallery and an actual "Sound Stage" that is still in use today.


The Pioneertown Motel is an 18 room lodge that originally housed the Actors/Actresses when they were "in town" working. The Hotel is still in use today and you can book a nights stay. All of the rooms are rich in history. Who knows, you might get to stay in the room Roy Rogers his own self, stayed in so long ago.


Pappy and Harriets Pioneertown Palace is another popular attraction. The legendary Pappy&Harriet’s has been delighting locals and travelers alike since 1982, with its mesquite barbeque, live music, dancing and friendly service.

Pappy and Harriets was recently named one of the top ten places to play by Billboard Magazine and you can often see top name acts performing there. Paul McCartney, Eric Burden, Kenny Logins, Sean Lennon, Cracker, Los Lobos, Dave and Phil Alvin, Stan Ridgway, Wanda Jackson, Robert Plant and Leon Russel are to name but a few of the acts who have appeared at Pappy's. And the Food, oh the food, cooked over an open Mesquite pit, well yer jes gonna have to try it.                                       www.pappyandharriets.com

The cowboy loads his six-gun by the old piano
The cowboy loads his six-gun by the old piano